_91 coac| ciudades de la infancia
_91 coac| herzog & de meuron
_92 arquitectura catalana en sevilla
_92 coac| pabellon catalan de sevilla
_99 andamios+medianeras
spanish version

From fontana mix to fontana ( re ) mix
geological landscape with water and sound layers

This exposition performs 3 DVDs about the old project (olimpic fountain) and the new project fontana[re]mix, a memorial to Yago Conde and all the people affected by AIDS. There are also three more pannels, the originals from the first competition and the original John Cage's score of Fontana Mix.

Congoritme, arquitectes

shown from february 19 to march 5th
at Espai Picasso Coac,

B.Goller, arch.
X.Manzanares + M.Osuna + M.Velázquez, collaborating archs.
X.Manzanares> multimedia design
J.M. Berenguer, sound artist
C.Pardo, philosophe
expo photos> J. Orpinell





_95 coac| international property| uia
_99 la torre del reloj
_04 coac| fontana[re]mix
_90 coac| jean nouvel










_______________graphic score