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Architecture / way of thinking
one instalation for Barcelona

“The window in a wall and the electronic window within the room. The preoccupation for the impalpable and fugitive static of the image on television. The window that looks to the street versus the window that looks to the world.”

Enrique Fontanilles

Herzog & de Meuron covered the windows of the museum of architecture in Basilea with silkscreen printed pictures of theirs own buildings.

Now the architects and the video artist Enrique Fontanilles work together. It is a work that connects Architecture and images.

The big windows of the C.O.A.C. motivate the continuation of this work. The installation in Barcelona confronts the windows of the museum in Basilea with the televisions used in our city.

The exposition consists of two parts:
On the first floor, the Picasso room, drawings and models of the work and resent projects are shown. The frames of the silkscreen printing used on the windows are also exposed at the exposition in Basilea.

The only exhibit on the ground floor is a video installation. In a grid, like that of Barcelona, there are 64 screens installed. Some 50 old televisions with different designs coexist with 14 others from the most recent generation of screens. Nine of these screens show Enrique Fontanilles´s work. They are pictures of the images in the windows of the museum in Basilea. On the other five screens one can see the live images of the models exhibited in the Picasso Room. The five cameras installed in front of the models establish the physical connection between exposition spaces and the methods of expression.

A Jacques Herxzog & Pierre de Meuron´s text, written for the exposition almost like a manifest, insists on the architects´ way of thinking.



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