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cities of the childhood

The exposition in the Picasso Rom, located in the Association of Architects in Barcelona, titled “cities of the childhood”, is dedicated to the Italian summer camps in the thirties. An exhibition that shows how the architectural postulates of the rationalism formed an alliance with the character fascist to provide spaces for leisure and formation for the young people.

In the exhibition plans and pictures of fourteen summer camps located in the tirrenic and Adriatic coast of Italy are shown.

The texts in the catalog, that goes with the exhibition, emphasize the role of the summer camps as a sign of the new social practices institutionalizing the holidays. These social experiences understood the collective life as an antidote against the unhealthy conditions of the life in the industrial city. In the thirties the program turned the summer camps into a preventive medicine, that wanted to encourage the physical and spiritual develop of the kids to prepare them for the civil life in the context of the collectivity.



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