Jean Nouvel exhibition

The Jean Nouvel exhibition is a selection of thirty projects. The show is a spiral on the ground floor of the Architects Association of Catalonia and is developed as far as the premises permit, establishing an analogy in both time and space. The present is the beginning and end of the route. Incisions in this spiral provide minimal openings which, cutting through the development of Jean Nouvel´s work, enable one to distance oneself both physically and mentally.

The outer surface of the spiral contains the most general and emotive information, while in the interior the works and projects are displayed, from a more rigorous and homogeneous viewpoint. Each project is a fragment of the skin of this spiral, which can be viewed and understood from different perspectives, but belong to a single material unity.

An inclined plane, suspended from the ceiling of the ground floor, suggests Jean Nouvel´s work environment and brings the visitor into the exhibition through the team of architects and collaborators.

On the building´s external façade, as an advertisement for the exhibition, is an opaque plane with its letters cut out, providing a view of the interior, as well as a distant reading of the show´s title.


_91 coac| ciudades de la infancia
_91 coac| herzog & de meuron
_92 arquitectura catalana en sevilla
_92 coac| pabellon catalan de sevilla
_99 andamios+medianeras




_95 coac| international property| uia
_99 la torre del reloj
_04 coac| fontana[re]mix
_90 coac| jean nouvel
spanish version










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