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International property

This exhibition-installation uses property sales advertisements from worldwide press as almost its only material. The buying and selling of land and property is always quite independent of or removed from the concerns of “cultivated” architecture, in spite of the fact that they share a common interest: the buildings to be inhabited.

In the pages of daily press devoted to advertising property sales, we can identify the proposals, the situation within the city and the consumer ideals which lie behind the advertisements and descriptions of properties. However much advertisements and advertising styles and graphics may vary from one country to another, we can pick out similar commercial trends in all of them.

These trends are often submitted to pressure from the ideals architecture as spread by the cinema and television. This is often encapsulated in the style of the relation and visual aspects of these advertisements. The influences of one city’s or one country’s commercial architecture on another probably arise to a large extent through the printed advert rather than through a real, physical experience.

This makes it interesting to stop and look at what is happening in the territory of the printed advert. The creation of an exhibition-installation purely on the basis of this material provides us with a very different interpretation to what we normally find in the newspapers and, of course, the functional reading of a flat-hunter.

The information contained in these adverts, sometimes spread out through other sections of the newspaper, may give rise to unexpected connections, like a cadavre exquis, referring us to a type of thematic relation/coexistence with other aspects of life which are not common when talking about architecture. Property advert, death announcements, political declarations, thank you Holy Spirit, commercial tenders, philosophical thought, stock exchange rates... At times, the layout places such different messages on an equal footing.

Just as the cinema, television and satellite transmissions allow the reproduction of any architectural scenario anywhere in the world, built reality (and the faithful reflection of printed advertising) imitates/follows this situation.




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