BEA GOLLER, Architect
Gerona 22 1º2ª E- 08010 Barcelona Tel.- ++ 34 93 231 71 42 E-mail :


1956born in Koblenz, Germany
1977A – levels at the german Highschool, Barcelona
1978 – 86 study of Architecture at the School of Arch. (E.T.S.A.B.), Barcelona
Architect E.T.S.A.B.

Exhibitions and other works

1988.92 Designing exhibitions for the C.O.A.C. ( catalan Architects Association)
"CATALUNYA A SEVILLA 92",World Fair , Expo Seville.
"Catalan Pavilion at EXPO 92", COAC
"CITIESOFCHILDHOOD",adaptation of the AA exhibitionon italian colonies 1930
"JEAN NOUVEL" and curator of this itinerant exhibition.
Designs for adapting the "JEAN NOUVEL" exhibition to several european spaces
Palazzo Lanfranchi Pisa, Studio Dumont Cologne, MaisonDescartes, Amsterdam,
Zürich, DESINGEL Antwerpen, CCC Tours

1994 “INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY”, an installation on real estate versus architecture
1992-96 colaboradora de 'Quaderns d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme'
1994 “INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY”, an installation on real estate versus arquitectura
1999 designing exhibition 'Party walls: Urban Landscape Lab'
1999 designing exhibition Contemporary Sculpture and Architecture from Spain,'La torre del reloj, Gijón'
Zoellner Arts Center, Lehigh University, Pennsilvania

Exhibition/lecture Fontana[Re]mix en C.O.A.C.Barcelona


1989 – 99 Professor Unit on “ephemeral Architecture” ELISAVA School of Design
1992 – 00 Professor Master Program “Ephemeral Architecture”, U.P.C. - E.T.S.A.B.
1993 Guest Professor at the Architectural Department of the GSFA University of

Lecture at the Collège International de Philosophie, Paris, Direction des Musées de France, Seminar “Les Musées du Futur”
1993 – 03 Tutor Master Program “Metropolis” UPC. - E.T.S.A.B. – CCCB, Barcelona
1994 “INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY”, an installation on real estate versus architecture
2000 Seminar “Prepositions/Propositions”, Master “Metropolis”
2000 Professor Masterclass Mies van der Rohe with Wiel Arets, Barcelona
2002 Professor Masterclass Mies van der Rohe with Kazuyo Sejima, Barcelona
2003 Professor CCCB Workshop “ Art and Sound Space, Building with sound”, Barcelona
2004 Exposition/lecture about Fontana[Re]mix project in C.O.A.C. Barcelona
2004 lecture“ Obstacles a la retina : Parets mitgeres”, COAC, Delegació Vallès
2005 lecture at ETSAS, Sevilla

YAGO CONDE ( 1957 – 1994 )


1957 Born in Barcelona, Spain
1983 Arquitect- Level Superior ETSAB
1985 Master in Architecture. Universidad de Columbia, New York

1985 / 86 Professor at Renselaer Polytecnic Institute. New York.
1985 / 86 Professor at Bennington College. Vermont.
1986 / 87 Professor at Architectural Association. London.
1987 / 94 Professor at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura. (ETSAB)
1988 / 94 Professor at Elisaba. Escuela de Diseño. Barcelona.

Scholarships and awards

1984 / 85 Fulbright Scholarship recipient
1987 First price, Best arrangement of the borders of the Guadalquivir river in Córdoba, Spain
1988 First Price, Firemen Park and School in the Olympic Village, Barcelona.
1988 First Price ex – aequo, Monumental Fountain in the Olympic Village, Barcelona.
1988 Finalist, FAD awards
1989 Finalist Access competition for the Alhambra in Granada.
1990 Finalist, FAD awards
1991 Finalist, FAD awards

1992 First Price EXPO ’92 competition
1993 Finalist, FAD awards







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