2007 Competition kindergarten Rubi, Can Serrafossà - La perla, Ayuntamiento Rubí
2007 Competition town swimming pool in Premiá de Dalt, Ayuntamiento Premià de Dalt
2006 First price. Competition Mediatel offices Casablanca, Morocco (con RCR)
006 Mentioned project: competition“Skyscraper”, eVolo-Architecture, New York
2005 Competition “Living Box”, Edilportal, Italia ( Bea Goller, Congoritme arqtes.)
2003 Competition for a socio -cultural center in Malgrat, Barcelona (Bea Goller)
2000 Competition Hoshino Tomihiro Museum, Azuma Village, Japan (Bea Goller)
2000 International competition: Dead subway trams in Berlin, Germany; (Bea Goller - Enric Ruiz-Geli)
1999 Competition for a cultural center in Rome, Italy (Bea Goller)
1999 Competition for a center of conventions and auditorium in Pamplona, Navarra;
(Bea Goller- Enric Ruiz-Geli)
1998 Competition for a center of conventions and auditorium in Burgos (Bea Goller)
1997 Competition for a fire station school in Telfs, Tirol, Austria; (Bea Goller - Enric Ruiz-Geli)
1996 Competition for school Pit Roig, Horta- Guinardo, Barcelona (Bea Goller – Jordi Henrich)
1996 Competition for a school J.Vicens and Vives, Barcelona(Bea Goller Jordi Henrich)
1993 International Consultation of ideas on Seville after Expo
Quaderns d’ Arquitectura, Barcelona; (Yago Conde – Bea Goller)
1992 First prize: competition for the interventions in the World Expo Seville 92,
“Impressions of the World / Fabrics of Optimism; (Yago Conde - Bea Goller)
1989Competition for the escenography “ The Magic Flute” in the Opera of Oviedo,
(Yago Conde, Bea Goller y Pep Quetglas)
1991 International competition "Ulugh Beg" Cultural Center in Samarkand, Usbekistan;
(Yago Conde – Bea Goller)
1990International competition for an urban and landscape intervention in the former
Munich – Riem Airport, Germany; (Yago Conde – Bea Goller)
1990 Third prize: competition for social housing Av. Icaria, Barcelona. (Bea Goller)
1990 First prize: competition for a school and fire station in the Olympic Village, Barcelona (Yago Conde –Jordi Henrich - Bea Goller)
1988 International competition for the new library Alexandria; (Pere Armadas - Bea Goller)
1988 First prize: competition for a Monumental Fountain in the Olympic Village, Barcelona; (Yago Conde – Bea Goller)


2005 jarDNA , vertical gardens, “Temps de flors”, Girona ( Congoritme.arqtes.)
2004-5 Restauration of common spaces at Girona 22 building, barcelona (Congoritme arqtes.)

1992.95 New archaeological museum inside the clock tower, Gijón (Bea Goller)
1991 Adecuation of the contemporary arts pavilion in Expo Seville 92, (Yago Conde - Bea Goller)
Swimming pool in San Andreu de Llavaneras, Barcelona; (Yago Conde - Bea Goller)
1991 Party wall on Mitre/ Padua street, Barcelona; (Yago Conde - Bea Goller)
Office for graphic designers, Subira, Barcelona; (Yago Conde – Jordi Henrich - Bea Goller)
1989 Loft for the Bessius office, Diagonal, Barcelona; (Yago Conde - Bea Goller)
Renovation of the shop Expoclima, Barcelona (Bea Goller – Tomás Morató)
1988 Familiar House in San Andreu de Llavaneras, Barcelona; (Yago Conde - Bea Goller)
1986 Textile Factory Besiuss, S. A. Can Parellada, Terrassa, Barcelona. (Yago Conde)
1984 Restauration of the facade of the Aleu House with the modernist mosaics of Bru, Barcelona (Yago Conde)


2007 folding screens for Mediatic, Barcelona ( Congoritme arqtes)
2006 Offices headquarter Layetana , plaça Europa, Barcelona, Barcelona (with RCR)
15 Resting Pabillions, Cap Barbaria, Formentera, (with RCR arqtes.)
dwellings at the sea front, Badalona, ( con RCR arqtes.

2005 Project of mobile pavillions , PavellONG, (Congoritme arqtes.)
2004 Executive Project of restauration of the back façade at Girona 22 building, BCN ( Congoritme arqtes., Bea Goller)
2004 Project of roof added unit, Girona 22 building, BCN ( Congoritme arqtes
2004/05 party wall in Badalona with jarDNA modules (Congoritme, arquitectes, Bea Goller)
2003 “Fontana[re]Mix”, a project on architecture and sound for Barcelona’s coastal area
(Congoritme arquitectes, Bea Goller)
2003 Rehabilitation of a Lobby on Girona street, Barcelona (Congoritme arquitectes, Bea Goller)
2002 General concept of vertical gardens, Barcelona, ( Bea Goller with Enric Ruiz-Geli)
2002 “Cabalgata de los reyes magos”, Barcelona; ( Bea Goller with Enric Ruiz-Geli)
2001 Europe Institute of Design, Barcelona; ( Bea Goller with Enric Ruiz-Geli)
1990 Renovations of two restaurants in Montjuic, Barcelona (Bea Goller – Tomás Morató)

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