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“Alice im Wunderland”
Health net : a new world in subsoil

War and destruction is present in the surface of the world. Our physical and mental health is affected daily through these disasters. The subsoil offers new possibilities to stop this and enter into a more peaceful, different and individual world.
“Alice plunges into a hole in the earth. She asks herself : in which geographical longitude and latitude do I find myself ?
The net represents a mechanism of virtual reality and, at the same time, a place : the dead metro tunnels of Berlin, in which we will be able to experience different events : chatting, dreaming, traveling and creating a new combination of colors and landscape, will help us to relax and to forget the real world.

_00 tunels berlín
_01 jardins verticals
_01 tomihiro museum
_03 fontana[Re]mix
_03 m@pmalgrat
_89 sant andreu llavaneres
_90 escola+ bombers vila olímpica
_90 graphic design offices
_90 vivienda social av. icaria
_91 flauta mágica
_91 mitgera pàdua
_91 piscina sant andreu
_91 piscina sant andreu
_91 piscina sant andreu
_92 pabellón artes
_97 bombers tirol
_92/95 torre del reloj
_88 fontana mix
_04 mitgera jarDna badalona
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