The centre is situated in a forest environment of the village of Vilanova de Valles on a site destined for public use.

The project takes into consideration the special characteristics of the terrain in order to fully integrate it with the forest environment. Therefore, it has been decided to realise a roof-garden, and to construct the building according to a slightly sinuous line which is adapted to the terrain morphology. The concept is to create a building of organic forms, visually light and integrated with the environment, having a constant respect towards the actual site and the landscape.

The principal concept is to maintain the natural state of the terrain, with the exception of the spaces destined for the dinning-room, the kitchen and the gym, which rest semi-buried, in the attempt to keep these volumes integrated with the landscape. These elements remain ¨visually¨ buried in relation to the central building, allowing the natural light to pass through and therefore not allowing the formation of shadows. These buried elements surround the sports yard and remain on the same level.

In our attempt to maintain the topographic profile, there is a zone which has been elevated above the terrain providing a big natural space which protects from the weather conditions. The space breaks the linearity of the building and creates a communication space between the school and the rest of the educational complex.

The library is a connecting point between the school and the road, and has been thought of as an independent building regarding the school life. The intention is that it will also be used by other people of the village. Out of the whole program, it is the only space whose surface has been doubled, contrary to what the brief specified. The spaces are wide and multi functional for the realisation of different types of activities.

There is a third volume destined for services where the kitchen and dining room are encountered. It has also been thought of as a building integrated into the landscape.

The library and services are buildings which are visually buried in relation to the school so that they don’t project shadows on one another. They are formed by an inclined roof which plays with the form of the terrain at this point.

Finally there is a zone destined for sports that is completely situated in open air.




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