school and firestation

One single prismatic bloc organises the programs of both buildings on a two levelled site. The school is located at the higher seaside avenue level, the fire station at the lower Calvell boulevard level. This location facilitates the different activities and entrances to remain independent.

The school building follows a linear distribution on four levels, with single use volumes leaning against it. The chosen orientation renders sea views to all class rooms, as well as south east light.

A stairs-ramp organises the building circulation by connecting its different spaces:
level-0: day nursery, kindergarten and kitchen, with gym, dining and tutorial rooms placed next inside single adjacent volumes.
Level 1: library, music and video rooms, computer room and two laboratories.
Level 2-3: tutorials, workshops, student and teachers rooms.
roof level may be used as leisure and gathering space with a series of steps overlooking the sea.
The concrete porched structure allows internal versatility towards future changes of program.

The fire station is also organised on four levels :
tools and cars room on ground floor, with electric supply and watering hoses next at one side, communication and control center at the other side
clinic, TV and reading rooms on level-1
dormitories, service, kitchen and dining rooms on level-2
gym and changing rooms on level-3.
The 12 storey high practice tower, as well as the pool are located on the courtyard. Concrete structure with prefab concrete walls may form levels 2 and 3, while external walls of level 0 and 1 may be built of metal panels giving continuity to doors. The adjacent volume may be built of reinforced concrete structure.

_00 tunels berlín
_01 jardins verticals
_01 tomihiro museum
_03 fontana[Re]mix
_03 m@pmalgrat
_89 sant andreu llavaneres
_90 escola+ bombers vila olímpica
_90 graphic design offices
_90 vivienda social av. icaria
_91 flauta mágica
_91 mitgera pàdua
_91 piscina sant andreu
_92 pabellón artes
_97 bombers tirol
_92/95 torre del reloj
_88 fontana mix
_10 Milan StadtKrone
_04 mitgera jarDna badalona
spanish version




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_06 skyscraper VenusBcn


_06 rcr & congoritme badalona
_06 rcr & congoritme formentera
_06 rcr & congoritme layetana
_07 CEIP morfojoc
_07 piscina premia


_______________graphic score
_07 escola bressol rubí