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fontana [re] mix-
sound park in memory of Yago Conde

Usually the process (of conception and design) is understood as a medium to arrive at a finality: the making of an object. Once the object is made the process is finished.

In Fontana Mix the relationship between the process and the object is very different. The process starts by taking a graphic element from another discipline: the score of Fontana Mix’s John Cage. The next step is to hybridize the score with the urbanistic representation, the plan of Barcelona´s seafront.

The process combines the common objects of the score and the urban context. So in this sense the line, the curves, the nodes, and the grid of the score are mixing with the urban characters: main street (line), swamps(curves), singular elements (nodes) and Eixample’s grid (grid). These being deformed by the waves, generates a landscape of undulations.

The process of Fonatana Mix is reloaded to compose Fontana[Re]mix. There is a component incorporated in the project, the indeterminated and uncertain process built by the technology and computer patches that bring the random into a pure state.

In Fontana[Re]mix adds in certain points water effects (big wave, geisers, screen), sound effects (randomly chosen by people from Barcelona) and Multimedia effects (projections, interactive devices, computing applications). These are thought and articulated in close relation with the architectonical and urban elements of the project.

Three kinds of sounds will coexist: sounds of water, the basic material of the project, sounds of Barcelona, the location of the project and sounds of the “AIDS Community” which serve as a homage for those who have died of AIDS and to those living with the disease.



A water and sound park project

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Architects of the project:: Yago Conde / Bea Goller

direction: Bea Goller

architects in collaboration: Xavi Manzanares
Jordi Caminero
Martín Osuna

multimedia design: Xavi Manzanares

Texts: Yago Conde
Bea Goller
Xavi Manzanares
Alex Arteaga
Xavier Costa


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