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The present project intends to restore the common-used elements of a building constructed in 1888 by Enric Sagnier. This building, and also the neighbouring ones on Ausias-March street No 33-35 and 37-39, also designed by Sagnier, are a part of Antoni Roger Vidal’s work, who appears catalogued in the catalogue of architectural-heritage of Barcelona. The building of Girona 22 is not completely catalogued, only its facade.

The facade of this building was restored in 2001, concerning the roof and change of the water deposits into running water. At present, the restoration of the common spaces has to be foreseen, which means, the entrance hall, the internal courtyard, the staircase, the substitution of the skylight over the courtyard by a new one and the damaged glass on the staircase, by a laminate glass. The building is composed of two retail spaces on the ground level, two dwellings on the first floor, two on the second, two on the third and the portress’s house, a posterior intervention, on the roof. The last dwelling was bought by a habitant of the building, in order to renovate it and adapt it to a housing unit. This fact leads us to re-plan the restoration project, including a new elevator stop on the level of this new dwelling. The elevator will not be altered but reformed in some aspects and maintain the original booth, restoring the wood and rail elements, keeping its original image. Finally comes the brickwork and masonry, necessary in order to adapt it to the project’s demands.

This executive project follows the general lines of the basic project and defines the construction units, which are the previously described brickwork, masonry, electrical installations, fire-proof, skylight, painting, paving and carpentry, and also the detailed plans and the state of measurements. The project is completed with the budget, the specifications of the conditions, an indication of the state of the building and the basic study of hygiene and security.



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