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vertical gardens

Scaffoldings are only regarded to exist while the building is being restored, during a limited time. Besides protecting the walker of possible falling down rubble, we look at scaffolding network as a second skin of the building.

This new screen is a temporal architecture, and it can change the environment during the “face-lifting” of the building.

Barcelona needs green spaces. We use restoration facades and other vertical urban screens to create transportable gardens, setting a patented technological PVC canvas with bags, which include plants of different colors and designs, an hydroponics earth compound and an irrigation system.

Color and vital cycle are important for the plant selection. We draw with the plants, using them as "pixels" and therefor giving a new expression to publicity. It is a garden with natural and technological (hydroponics) characteristics.

With this innovation in an urban intervention, Barcelona is going to become an example of sustainable city. it represents an aesthetic contribution and an improvement of the environmental conditions. Plants fix and generate C02 and filter pollution.




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