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vegetal party wall jarDNA at Badalona

Our project proposes a vertical garden by modules in front of party walls of Badalona. Green spaces are needed,
because the atmospheric pollution is very elevated and produces toxic effects on the human health
We need a new protection skin, that provide us O2.
We think, that it is basic to center in this subject, because if we do not have oxygen, we will die. The increase of the automobiles gas discharge in the urban and industrial sites looks for sustainable solutions to preserve the physical and mental health of the individual.Plants generates 02, necessary to breathe.

We wanted to give a more architectonic proposal to the vertical gardens theme, that would show better the
three-dimensional aspect of the pieces, because
party walls reflect the cutting sense of buildings.
They are like a section of the building.
When the adjacent building has been demolished
and the party wall is shown, the old plans of what had existed become visible, and even if the contiguous building has never existed, the space of the party wall is not
a plane, it can be rather developed three-dimensionally.

We also liked it being like a fabric,
adapted to any vertical surface. We reviewed the materials and we noticed, that it could be done in a lighter and
fitted material, than the materials normally
used in architecture.

The plastic and composite were the ideal materials for this project, because of its shaping flexibility -morphing-, its resistance, production process and cost. The process of modules manufacture is based on the use of pressed
vegetal fibers. When piling the modules up,
the party wall becomes a green columnata.

The modules can be grouped without having to be
bound to a wall, depending on the height. The modules
are basically selfsoustainable, but they need a bracing
system and anchorages to some vertical surface
depending on the reachable height.
This structure, reinforces the columns,is like a framework
of fine threads, being like a three-dimensional fabric.

The form of the modules derives from the helicoidal form of the DNA structure of the living beings. The fact that we learn to take care of our environment, that the party walls
stay alive and that we have to take care of them,
-so they continue living-, will make us aware about a more sustainable world and make us feel belonging to a collectivity.

This vertical garden improves the enviroment of the
urban landscape: breathe better, cheer your life,
embellish your environment, experiment...


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