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contemporary art pavillion expo 92 seville

This pavilion contains a selection of contemporary art representing each of the participating countries, showing all kinds of actual plastic expressions. Located inside a 14 meter high tent, a model patented by Renzo Piano, the pavilion needed a way to create its own identity, as well as enhance the entrance points and provide them with sun shelter.

The decision to carry out this outside conditioning project was made very shortly before the opening of the World Fair. (Whatever was built had to be done once the pavilion was opened to the public and probably by night construction).

This fact implied choosing an efficient building system in terms of a quick and clean mounting process. The project is based on a single action of large dimension, in this way embracing the two fronts of the pavilion, modifying the perception of the whole.

A flow of big, translucid panels envelope the tent becoming less regular and changing directions at the entrance points. Secondary flows appear creating a sort of whirl over these zones, and by concentrating the number of panels thus producing comfortable shades under them.

Only three elements have been needed, all of them prefabricated pieces: the upright poles (polyester topmasts), the panels (sun filters hold to a metal frame) and clamps to bind the system. The poles were raised just before the opening of the Expo 92. This way it became possible to mount the panels by night during one week once the fair was running.

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