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A Portable/Collapsible/ Extendable/Environmentally-adaptable Live-in Module

The concept : Temp sustainable dwelling in micro-space conditions

We progressively adopt a more and more nomadic attitude vis-à-vis the way we live. Whether we are forced to perform different activities at one-single space, such as eating and sleeping at the work place, or living and working at home, space is bound to become more flexible and adaptable to different uses. Beyond physicality, Internet connectivity allow us to virtually tap into the rest of the world, bringing jungle to the city, nature to urban. The western idea of family is changing, being replaced more and more by individual-based or couple-based entities, with a high degree of instability and temporality. Cost of living and home-purchasing ability has greatly decreased, reaching limits of impossible affordability. At the same time, quick access to information through the media brings us cruel realities in full-view, such as environmental and meteorological disasters - most due to global warming and climatic changes - plus others tragedies due to inhuman atrocity. It is for these reasons that we must improve and drastically change our impact to the environment and look for alternatives ways to inhabit spaces in a rather temporary and sustainable manner.

Following this, the idea is to create a minimal live-in box, all easy to transport and to be installed in place on a simple set-up procedure performed by a min. of 4 people. It gravitates around the idea of space conceived in a collapsible and foldable manner, where basic equipment is arranged puzzle-like as part of a basic piece, and where all fits into a folded module, which we have called PanelONG. When PanelONG is fully open, it unfolds into 3 main pieces composing 5 different spaces and emulating the idea of ‘home’ down to a micro-dwelling, all containing an entry hall, a dining and/or working area, a sleeping room, a kitchen and a toilet.

The collapsible/extendable module PanelONG is thought to be a piece of compact and portable sustainable-conscious Architecture, able to be placed in any environment in a harmonious and non-intrusive manner, while offering an interesting and pleasant aesthetic outlook for a very practical use. It will be sustainable energetically through thin film photovoltaics attached to the exterior honeycomb panels.

The PanelONG Module: Basic components and materials

The collapsible module PanelONG is made by a one-piece unit 2.30 m x 2.90 m (2.55 m. in thickness), fabricated of composite Honeycomb Panels weather-treated for exterior and insulated for interior use. Once the unit has been extended to a full-length (up to 6 m. long), and once it is fully unfolded, it conforms an indoor space of approximately 15,3 square m. in usable area.

The collapsible module PanelONG is weight less than half a ton. (500 Kg) and easily fits into a Standard Shipping Container (not one but up to two of them) PanelONG is a live-in module where differentiated indoor spaces are also disposed and separated by composite Honeycomb Panel partitions. All built-in appliances, including kitchen and furniture, as well as washbasin and toilet, are made of reinforced Fibreglass.

Opening the PanelONG Unit will equal to opening a Live-in Box, containing all basic furniture and equipment built-in inside it. However it still cherishes the idea of home by having two panels with openings to the outside - doubling as windows - while one of the exterior panels doubles as an entrance door.



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