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The project is a part of the special plan of the port of Badalona. This plan will be carried out after two phases: first the port with its infrastructure and then the axis of the canal, which is comported by the streets, the public spaces, the residential zone, the canal and the green zone.

The site is the plot No 10 and has a basically residential use, but also commercial, public space, harbour facilities next to the canal and a parking.

The plot is situated between the canal and Ponent Street. To the north, it borders with Industria Street, and to the south with the sea. On the site, 4 residential blocks with east-west orientation are to be found, a commercial building of ground floor+1 next to Ponent Street, and a public use space, which opens up towards the canal, creating a view-point. The harbour facilities and parking are situated below this space.

A thorough sun study has been carried out for the positioning of the residential buildings, so that the sun can be the most favourable in all the facades, and that shadows will not be created. The shape of these buildings is trapezoid, having its widest side towards Ponent Street, towards the commercial and longitudinal building. The layout of the building in a comb manner, corresponds to the intention of passing from a more urban zone to a more open one, and to the limit between sea and land.

The heights of the buildings are GF+9 and GF+12. The accesses which always have a view towards the canal and sea, are accomplished from the public space. A translucent skin that reminds the colour of the sea, is the envelope of the buildings..




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