_08 Geome(EKA)tria

One-family House in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Barcelona

The house is designed as a main residence and is built on a large whale-shaped rock on the site. This rock will run through the spaces of the living room and porch and into the swimming pool. It will also mark the changes in the existing levels between the different spaces.

The space is allocated by means of five different strips.

The first one is given over basically to bedrooms and faces northwest.

The second is for services and cupboards and also operates as an element organizing the installations: it also contains lofts and skylights which provide the bathroom and passageway with natural light.

The third strip corresponds to the passageway from which there is access to all the rooms in the house. This corridor is spatially incorporated into the living room and dining room but maintains a certain degree of independence thanks to the change in level.

The fourth strip corresponds to the small grandparents’ flat, kitchen, dining room, living room and main bedroom.

The fifth corresponds to large outside porches, understood as elements of transition between the garden and the house’s inner space. The separation between the fourth and the fifth strips is realized by means of large glass surfaces providing visual continuity between the house and the garden. For a later stage some small volumes have been designed for the garden: pool changing rooms, sauna, barbecue and studio.


_00 tunels berlín
_01 jardins verticals
_01 tomihiro museum
_03 fontana[Re]mix
_03 m@pmalgrat
_89 sant andreu llavaneres
_90 escola+ bombers vila olímpica
_90 graphic design offices
_90 vivienda social av. icaria
_91 flauta mágica
_91 mitgera pàdua
_10 Milan StadtKrone
_91 piscina sant andreu
_92 pabellón artes
_97 bombers tirol
_92/95 torre del reloj
_88 fontana mix
_04 mitgera jarDna badalona
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_06 rcr & congoritme badalona



_06 rcr & congoritme formentera
_06 rcr & congoritme layetana
_07 CEIP morfojoc
_07 escola bressol rubí

_05 panel.ONG
_06 skyscraper VenusBcn
_07 piscina premia



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