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fireman's school
one landscape: Tirol's forest

The landscape as an image. Image blurred in the retina. An image, as a perversion of the real. A process of photographing, measuring, acting and codifying.

A process of representation of the cinetic experience in the interior route of a forest. With a politic, graphic, fashion, pornographic goal inside a line of thinking. Images of digital trees appear in the façade. It is a staging of a forest, which has been burned. The school presents itself as non-wanted event. It is the confrontation with a catastrophe.

The lot is an old gravel quarry. The section of the plot shows a structuration in layers of different soils. They let one see the different characteristics of the geological formation. The green plane of the plot is prolonged by a horizontal line, a virtual plane, the roof of the buildings.

We apply the camouflage strategy in plan, the school appears as forest. Some parts of the plot have been cut and have become buildings. The free amoeba-like forms, make references to the visitors movements lines, to the flows. The big exercise room, the parking and the “Nexus” building above the gas station have an amorphous shape, like a horizontally cut section in the rugged topography of a place. We think in a green architectural corporate image. A wish of increasing the potential of the corporate image, taking the logo further than the icon, the paper and the envelops.

We understand the bombers school as a gradual development of elements, from landscapist to urbanistic, from the forest to the city, from the green to the asphalt. There are two levels of a chromatic landscape: the upper one that is always green and the lower one that shows a graduation from green to gray.

The biotopography, a lake, which is in the bifurcation of the street between the tunnel and the plot. The small units that could be set on fire are built underground in craters, so they can be protected from the wind. The swimming pool is on the upper border of the plot, closing a precise line and reflecting the adjacent trees.


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