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die zauberflote

Like Die zauberflöte, our construction is articulated between different simultaneous symmetries, that against couples of characters, plastic art values or spacials situations. These symmetries, such us one thing against other thing, go from one site to another, it’s the breath of the play.

The first one confronts the canonical installation of Die .... –the other 8 curtain of Karl Friedrich Schinkel in 1815- to our intervention, where are integrated as a traces of memory, different fragments of those sketches.

The second one confronts two elements: the curtains and the furniture.

The third one confronts, in the own curtains, the holes to the audience and the holes to the background, the projections on the curtains and the projections over the holes of the curtains, the projections of the light or the shadows scenes.

The fourth one confronts to the furniture between them. The furnitures are three. Two of them are symmetrics, and are changing the aspect for superposition or for the projections that are covering its.

The fifth one confronts the plastic values, texturized and articulated, of the dresses of the characters to the fields more continuous of the curtains and furnitures.

The sixth one confronts the earth colours, golden and warm of some of the characters to the blue and silver of the others, but in every one some of this ambiguity is combined on wined tones.

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_91 piscina sant andreu
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_92/95 torre del reloj
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