Roman temple at Vic, 1992

The decking out of the Roman Temple in Vic was part of the
Barcinoausanemausus project,
the aim of which was connect simultaneously the Roman temples of Barcelona,
Vic and Nîmes by means of readily available present-day technologies such as fax and computers, rediscovering, reappraising and celebrating a common heritage [...].

The intervention proposed the transmission of “fax tapestries”
from one temple to another, in all directions,
simultaneously linking the three sites by way of transmitters and receivers.
These tapestries or garlands in the interior and on the exterior of the temples
would thus constitute an ephemeral ornamentation [...]
or embellishment analogous to the way these constructions would have been
decked out for important celebrations [...].

The projection of images, colours and ornamentation onto the walls and columns
of the temples would thus permit the recuperation (either by restitution or invention)
of the original polychrome decoration which the buildings
would have had in their prime.

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