We propose an interaction of uses and new programs that
would not insist on the development of the amusement or technological park
understood as islands or ghettoes isolated from the city
and from every day reality.
We would like therefore foster here coexistence with the normal
programs of the city: shopping, housing, etc.
Something similar to film or narrative in which realistic and
fictional situations interrelate and become mutually reinforced.

From their very beginnings fairs have displayed an
application of technology that exploits the
capacities to create illusions.

Cartuja 93 offers the circumstances in which technologies of communication
are not purely and simply consumed on the level of advertising images,
but begin to be used intensely as tools which transform experience and
the notion of place, understanding Cartuja 03
as a terrain that constantly refers to other places,
producing situations of interaction.

Technology not as symbolic motif of reference but as a
producer of events that transform the place.



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