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"Indeterminacy would be related to that which does not have verifiable, defined, specified limits. The term "indeterminacy" is applicable in our case to different situations and nuances of meaning, variously, to the questioning of the limits in language and objects, technique and the creative process, the discipline as institution, visual perception and the effect in itself of production. Similarly, this would vary according to the decade,the discipline or the artistic situation.

We can find out this interest in an "indeterminacy" or questioning of limits in certain artist of the historical avantgarde and in certain interdisciplnary practices. Movements like conceptual art, performance art and video art have substituted, for a unique preoccupation with form, experimentation and the investigation of disciplinary limits.

A general change has come about which affects both the arts and the sciences, and which the old classifications which once organized the intellectual map into disciplines, media, genres and modes are longer adequate. The main organizing principle of the current situation is the collapse of the distinction - an opposition or hierarchy- between the critical-theoretical reflex and artistic practice."

Yago Conde, Architecture of the indeterminacy, Ed. ACTAR






fontana Remix project / congoritme arquitectes>> proj fm / fRm / expo

_89 barcinoausanemausus
spanish version
Leonidov >> film studio 1927
Zaha hadid >> parc de la vilette 1982/83
John Cage >> fontana mix 1958
Yago Conde >> visual projections of graphic scores over furniture and space at graphic design offfices 1990
Notations and representation in architecture of projects which are similar to graphic scores or sound notations.