_89 barcinoausanemausus
_90 arabescs
_92 hitos tematicos
_93 cartuja
99_laboratoris urbans
03_construir con sonido


Arabescreen is a furniture element in diverse references to organicity. On one side, to the figure of a tree when its folded and rotated, without loosing the relation with the imaginary and generative of itself: the variation and deconstructions of the arabesque figures from the alhambra which have been on the other hand recurrent in the research of congoritme.

In this way, form, shapes, and the same material is disposed in several formal and hypertextual layers based on arabesques. forms are transformed into envelopes and textures; textures into forms, featuring a cyclic process going from the unmaterial of the ideas to the formal tangibility, and inversely: from the tangible forms towards several references in ideas fields...

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